Nested Walls

05/09/2019 BUI

Cities are growing faster than ever before. People are living in increasingly dense urban areas where green spaces and nature become a scarcity. This urban growth shrinks green spaces and threatens species that previously lived and bred in our cities. This sprawl forces wildlife to settle in our ‘overpopulated’ urban areas and live together with us in the ‘concrete jungle’. Consequently, providing spaces for biodiversity in cities is not only necessary for our sustainable future, but also beneficial to our health.

Ⓒ Studio CLAUD

Nested Walls can bring us closer to nature, design and people. The project is intersecting street art, architecture, product design, urban ecology and community development. The aim is to enhance urban biodiversity, the population of birds and insects by creating natural habitats – “apartments” – for birds on blind walls in dense urban areas. It is an integral solution including green measures. These birdhouses installed on naked walls create a nature oriented, aesthetically pleasing street art that raises awareness about the decline of urban wildlife and the issue of climate change. Nested Walls hold the potential to create inspirational pilot projects in dense urban areas and beyond.

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