Mapping Magdolna

05/10/2019 BUI

Investigating existing facilities for any urban development is essential and a crucial way to acquire predefined information. BUI mapped by varied methods the Magdolna quarter in the 8th district of Budapest, which is one of our potential sites for Budapest Moves project.

We used site visits, photo documentation, online information gathering and interviewed local inhabitants. As a preliminary research we studied aspects of existing green areas and safe biking possibilities and related facilities. On the map below we indicated existing green areas within a five minute walking proximity, that we determine as necessary for a liveable city. The quality and overuse of these parks are not the subject of this mapping, nevertheless, you can read about it on our latest article, Asking the Locals. Moreover, this map marks all vacant pocket/corner lots of the district that potentially could be a site for amenities demanded by the community. To sum up, we can read from the mapping that Magdolna Quarter’s east side provides locals green islands within 5 minutes, but as mentioned before the ratio of green space per residence are not indicated here, that seems to be an issue in the area. (Quantitative research of this depth will follow in the next phase.) The Magdolna quarter’s west side, where the urban fabric becomes more densified, is completely missing green surfaces, which could be substituted by developing pocket park(s) on the vacant lots.

Even though, the district’s central location would suggest the facilitation of well-connected alternative modes of transport, it has not addressed any sustainable individual transportation. When it comes to cycling, the 8th district altogether falls short on connected and safe bike routes, practically any safe, basic facilities. However, based on our experiences and observations in the Netherlands, where extensive bike routes make it possible to commute, we mapped possibilities of new routes as a preliminary research. It is supported by a photo documentation of our site visits. Based on our investigation we see many possibilities in the current street conditions to implement a safe bicycle network. We indicated these possibilities on the map below considering the potential connectedness to a larger cycling network. Besides major arteries, a safe bike route on district-level can prompt further development for a larger impact.

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