About BUI

Budapest Urban Ideals is an international research and development consortium of architects and urbanists. BUI aims to contribute to the sustainable, resilient and liveable development of densely populated areas. Our holistic design concepts and hands-on alternative  solutions unlock the untapped potentials of contested urban environments and balance the relationship between built structures, mobility and nature in a people-oriented, vibrant and comfortable milieu

We bring together experts, civic organisations, public stakeholders and inhabitants to discuss potentials for optimised neighbourhoods. We raise awareness to urban issues (lack of green spaces, urban heat islands, air pollution, lack of permeable surfaces) and based on these we present site-specific spatial opportunities by detailed designs. This way we aim to create ideal scenarios of everyday urban life.

Budapest Moves

Our Budapest Moves project develops a liveable and resilient design strategy with an alternative toolkit to regenerate neglected or underused micro spaces in the city’s inner areas aiming for larger scale impact. A human-oriented and climate-adaptive approach involving local communities vitalise these spaces towards a healthier and environmentally friendly future.

Planting vegetation on the small scale, such as pocket parks or neglected streets and corners can create local micro-climates.

Sections of safe bicycle routes reduce speed and pollution along the roads.

In an improved environment, inhabitants’ aspiration grows to take advantage of exercising opportunities.



Cecília Dobos

architect, urban planner


2020 – Establishment of Urban Ideals Foundation

Stichting Urban Ideals was founded in Rotterdam to advocate for sustainable city development internationally. To achieve this, we carry out research, develop concepts and ideas, carry out experiments, organize workshops and symposiums, design and execute pilot projects.

Board members of the foundation are:

  •  Antonia Sore
  •  Kristin Jutta Metho
  •  Thomas C. Boekhoud

Chamber of Commerce number: 77891066
International VAT number: NL0062330301

2019 – Start-up grant by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund NL

In 2019 BUI initiated the project ‘Budapest Moves’ and obtained a grant from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund NL to research its potentials.

2018 – Start of the consortium ‘Budapest Urban Ideals’ (BUI)

The Budapest Urban Ideals consortium was founded by Cecília Dobos, Orsolya Mátyus and Daniel Rádai in November 2018. They worked together on the feasibility phase of BUI’s ‘Budapest Moves’ project. After the Hungarian municipal elections held in October 2019, Daniel took office as deputy mayor in a district of Budapest and left BUI to avoid conflict of interests. Orsolya was a member of the consortium until November 2020, when she decided to fully concentrate on her design and consultancy office, WeCare architecture.


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